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We have History and future.

We are a proud Company committed with innovation and technology, our products are Available Year-Round.

Thanks to our main products have allowed us to become a leader company in the amygdalin industry.

Our Mission

To contribute with the satisfaction of the amygdalin necessities of the society through the permanent trading
and distribution of our products, and with the excellence of our high quality products at fair prices.

Our Vision

To be a regional, national and international leader in the market of Amygdalin providing the best quality and
service for our clients.

Our Values

* Proactivity
To anticipate(advance) ourselves to the needs of our clients.

* Honesty   
To behave with ethics and integrity.

* Adaptability   
To adapt ourselves to the characteristics of every client.

* Commitment   
We keep our agreements and reach objectives.

* Trustworthy
We realize the activities with opportunity and quality.

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of its health supplements. All research information is provided as courtesy to customers. A consequence of any product is the
sole responsibility of the customer.

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